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Episode 107 - Rewarding The Bad Bad Man

Episode Summary

This week in InfoSec is a trip to the movies Rant of the Week talks about password hygiene Billy Big Balls is a story of backups Industry News brings us the latest and greatest security news stories from around the world And Tweet of the Week shows us why it can pay to snoop on your neighbour

Episode Notes

This week in InfoSec (06:06)

With content liberated from the “today in infosec” twitter account and further afield

3rd June 1983: The science fiction film WarGames is released. Notable for bringing the hacking phenomena to the attention of the American public, it ignites a media sensation regarding the hacker sub-culture. The film’s NORAD set is the most expensive ever built at the time at a cost of $1 million dollars. Not widely known is that the movie studio provided the film’s star, Matthew Broderick, with the arcade games Galaga and Galaxian so he could get first-hand experience before shooting the film’s arcade scenes.

9th June 1993 The motion picture Jurassic Park premiers in Washington D.C. The highest grossing film in history at the time, the contributions of Jurassic Park to the field of special effects is perhaps as important as the original Star Wars movie 16 years prior. 


Rant of the Week (15:55)

Why Netflix isn't the Only One Bummed About Password Sharing

Password sharing is commonplace

Even if you put aside the obvious problems that password sharing creates for Netflix, Netflix password sharing may only be a symptom of a more serious problem. The Netflix password sharing trend has conditioned people to accept the idea that it is OK to share passwords with one another if there is a good reason for doing so.


Billy Big Balls of the Week

Ukraine's secret cyber-defense that blunts Russian attacks: Excellent backups

"One thing that the Ukrainians have taught us so well – and they certainly have had eight years of practice and suffered from Russian cyber operations – is the importance of resiliency," Alperovitch said. "The reality is that a number of these Russian attacks are successful."

The Russians have seen success worldwide penetrating networks and dropping malware, he added. "However, the Ukrainians are able to rebuild the networks within hours," Alperovitch said. 


Industry News (30:45)

Gloucester Council IT Systems Still Not Fully Operational Six Months After Cyber-Attack

New Linux Malware Symbiote is "Nearly Impossible to Detect"

Cyber-Attack Surface "Spiralling Out of Control"

Evil Corp Hacker Group Changes Ransomware Tactics to Evade US Sanctions

Twitter Set to Agree to Elon Musk Request For Data on Fake Accounts

Social Care Organizations Get Cybersecurity Boost

US and Euro Police Smash Cybercrime Marketplace

Ransomware Pressure Forces UK CISOs to Consider Quitting

CISA Reveal Chinese Hackers Tactics Targeting US Telecoms and Network Service Providers


Tweet of the Week (38:30)