The Host Unknown Podcast

Episode 18 - The Tik Tok Free Episode

Episode Summary

To be clear, Thom loves Lee Munson. All your favourite features, including a low paying job of servitude, Zoom Bombing and pushy, uninformed clients. Happy DefCon week everyone!

Episode Notes

The episode where Andy's redundant broadband connections both fail, mid podcast. Don't worry, we fixed it in post and you would never notice.

Tweet of the Week

Tik Tok doesn't do anything untoward with your data.

Billy Big Balls of the Week

Low paid servitude in LA

Rant of the Week

Andy gets upset with a clients "problem statement"

The Little People

Just kidding, not this week, although Thom retracts his statement that Lee Munson is "some nobody from my distant past" and that they regularly exchange Christmas cards.