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Episode 28 - The World's Number One Podcast

Episode Summary

Thom is late, Smashing Security is mentioned again and again despite no further sponsorship, Thom empties Ikea Cardiff, Andy remembers his old sports car, and Jav tells an orthopaedic joke. We all find our spirit animals.

Episode Notes


All your regular Host Unknown goodness, proof we really are part of your five a day.


This Week in InfoSec

10th October 1990: The case of black hat hacker Kevin Poulsen aired on Unsolved Mysteries, 7 years after he went on the run.

14th October 2003: Microsoft launched its first Patch Tuesday, its program to release security updates the second Tuesday each month.


Tweet of the Week



Billy Big Balls of the Week

(Not sure where we’re going with this one)


Industry News

Global Privacy Control Launched to Offer Users Greater Internet Trust

Gov-Linked “Fatima” Cybersecurity Career Advert Removed After Backlash

Hackney Hacked as Council Investigates Attack

Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards Winners Announced

Ransomware Victims Struggle to Recover, Hire and Spend on Threat Prevention

Government CIOs Praised for Pandemic Response, Better Collaboration Required


Jav didn’t win a security serious award - boohoo

But Jav did make another list, and it’s not the kind he’s usually on…


Rant of the Week

A London-based blogger has revealed that she received death threats after a tweet mocking one of her Instagram posts went viral.

Scarlett Dixon, 24, posted a picture on Instagram of herself sitting in bed drinking a cup of tea.

The blogger, who has 45,600 followers on the photo- and video-sharing social network under her blog name, Scarlett London, added that the picture was a sponsored post in collaboration with Listerine.


The Little People

Magda de Jager


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