The Host Unknown Podcast

Episode 29 - Probably

Episode Summary

With a combine IQ of 197 and with 5% each of the podcast running order, Host Unknown's Javvad, Andy and thom present their latest satirical podcast, featuring: This week in Infosec Tweet of the Week Billy Big Balls Rant of the week The Little People

Episode Notes

Perhaps a total IQ of 197 is a little ambitious, as this podcast clearly shows:

This Week in InfoSec

20th October 1995: Mudge published "How to Write Buffer Overflows", one of the first papers about buffer overflow exploitation. Then @dotMudge sent a copy to @aleph_one, who wrote "Smashing the Stack For Fun and Profit" in 1996. Seminal paper to seminal paper.

20th October 2006: IBM announced it had completed its acquisition of Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS).

Billy Big Balls

Javvad wouldn't say who he chose this week...

Sky News has learnt that Goldman has declined to seek a role on the initial public offering (IPO) of Darktrace, a leading player in the provision of artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity services.


Tweet of the Week


Industry News

Election Security and Confidence Can Be Enabled Through Public-Private Partnerships

BA GDPR Data Breach Fine Lowered to £20m Due to COVID-19

DDoS Attacks Triple in Size as Ransom Demands Re-Emerge

Modern Attacks Include Supply Chain "Hopping" and Reversing Agile Environments

#InfosecurityOnline: Beware of Malicious URLs and Rogue Redirects

#InfosecurityOnline: Consider Flexible Training for Different Skill Sets

Trust in Remote Working Tools Declines as Need for Security Increases

#InfosecurityOnline: Are the Cloud and Automation Driving or Hindering Your Business?

#InfosecurityOnline: Tactics for Defending Against Credential Stuffing


Rant of the Week

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The Little People