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Episode 103 - One Third Extra Fat

Episode Summary

This week in Infosec takes a stroll down infosec memory lane Rant of the Week “Won’t somebody think of the children????” Billy Big Balls is a story about sound investment advice from the Chinese government Industry News brings us the latest and greatest security news stories from around the world And Tweet of the Week is an insight into the difference between good coding and bad coding

Episode Notes

This Week in InfoSec (07:30)

With content liberated from the “today in infosec” twitter account and further afield

9th May 2006: Jeanson James Ancheta became the first person to be charged for controlling a botnet. He had hijacked around 500,000 computers and was sentenced to 57 months in prison, forfeiture of a 1993 BMW and $58,000 in profit, and restitution of $15,000. 

Jeanson James Ancheta

12th May 1989: The Marijuana Virus crippled the Chisholm Institute of Technology's computer network. It displayed a message on computers' screens, which read "The system is stoned. Legalise marijuana."

Virus stops students from using institute computers


Rant of the Week (15:07)

Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption

A number of options have been put forward for lawmakers to mull that aim to encourage or ensure online service providers and messaging apps tackle the "detection, removal, and reporting of previously-known and new child sexual abuse material and grooming."

These options range from voluntary detection and reporting of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and grooming, to legally mandating that service providers find and report such material using whatever detection technology they wish — essentially scanning all private communications and, if necessary, breaking end-to-end (E2E) encryption for everyone.

If rubber-stamped, the rules will apply to online hosting services and interpersonal communication services, such as messaging apps, app stores, and internet access providers.


Billy Big Balls of the Week (24:05)

China wants its youth to stop giving livestreamers money

China's internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), has published guidelines that aim to stop minors from giving tips or other forms of payment to livestreamers, watching after 10pm, or live streaming themselves.


Industry News (33:59)

US Government Offers $15m Reward for Info on Conti Actors

Researchers Find 31,000 FTSE 100 Logins on Dark Web

London Police Warn of Crypto Muggings – Report

Treasury Sanctions Crypto Firm After North Korea’s $620m Heistn

Five Eyes Nations Issue New Supply Chain Security Advisory

Microsoft: Ransomware Relies on the Gig Economy

Trustpilot Forced to Delete Millions of Fake Reviews in 2021

Government Initiative Promises Rapid Blocking of Scam Sites

Costa Rica Declares National Emergency Following Conti Cyber-Attack




Tweet of the Week (44:07)