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Episode 51 - Punking the Punkbuster

Episode Summary

It's a wonderful week for a groundbreaking musical anniversary:

Episode Notes

We think we sound much better this week, all thanks to Krisp! Tighten up your audio, remove background noise, and annoying work colleagues, all with Krisp. Download it here:


One advantage of being short is that you get to be in the front of all pictures taken of a group and that is all we have to say about Little People this week.


This week in Infosec

Liberated from the “today in infosec” twitter account:

15th April 2000: The RCMP arrested a Canadian juvenile known as MafiaBoy for a DDoS attack against

14th April 2005: It was announced that the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) had chosen FIRST to be the custodian of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), the then-emerging standard in vulnerability scoring.

16th April 2014: Host Unknown released their debut music video to great acclaim within the Infosec echo-chamber

Jav’s proposal for Pulp Security from 2011 (cue Mesirlou  clarinet version to avoid copyright infringment notices)

Cynic: So tell me more about America.

Jester: Well it's the same shit we got here, it's just a little different.

Cynic: Example?

Jester: Well I mean, you can get encryption products out there. It's legal for you to own it, it's legal for you to install it… but get this. If you try to export it out of the country it's illegal for you to do it.

Cynic: Damn man, that's harsh.

Jester: You know what they call a router (pronounced rooter) out in the US?

Cynic: They don't call it a Rooter?

Jester: Nah man, they got their own system, they call it a Router (pronounced rowter)

Cynic: haha


Rant of the Week


Industry News

Hackers Hacked as Underground Carding Site is Breached

Facebook Removes 16k Groups for Trading Fake Reviews

Brits Still Confused by Multi-Factor Authentication

Food Shortages at Dutch Supermarkets After Ransomware Outage

Cyber-Attack Shutters Half of Tasmania’s Casinos

Microsoft Patches Four More Critical Exchange Server Bugs

Lawsuit Filed After Facial Recognition Tech Leads to Wrongful Arrest

Man Gets 10 Years for Multimillion-Dollar Medicare Fraud Scheme

Europe's Data Protection Guardians Green Light EU-UK Data Flows


Javvad’s Weekly Stories

How I pwned an ex-CISO and Smashing Security


Tweet of the Week

Robert McArdle - @bobmcardle

Director FTR - CyberCrime Research for @TrendMicro. Lecturer in Malware Analysis.


Sticky Pickle of the Week

Your company is looking to promote an upcoming Women in Security webinar and you’re looking to maximise engagement on your social media channels so you come up with a single question which you believe will solicit engagement and believe the structure of the question is in a way that keeps responses on topic:

“What according to you are the most common challenges faced by women in the cybersecurity domain?”.

Sound good so far?  Can you make it simpler by providing multiple choice answers to choose from?  It’s not a bad strategy so what are the optional responses to the most common challenges faced by women in the industry are?

A: “Only men can do this job”

B: “Women can’t handle this job”

C: “Women aren’t encouraged enough.”

Now the responses you’re receiving to this insightful quiz are not going in the direction you thought they would - what are your next steps?