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Episode 58 - Ha Ha Ha

Episode Summary

This week in Infosec takes us back to the earliest reported spam complaint (probably older than you realise) Rant of the week tells another story of big tech chipping away at privacy like it’s no big deal Billy Big Balls this week sees Norton doing something either really smart or really stupid, we haven’t made our minds up yet Industry News brings us the latest and greatest infosec news from around the globe Tweet of the week resurfaces the debate on the difference between conferences We no longer bring up the topic of Little People on this show but when we do have something to say, we like to keep it short (to confirm, the Little People will never be returning) (Edited 00:20, 7the June 2020 to seed Apple Podcast update.)

Episode Notes

This week in Infosec

Liberated from the “today in infosec” Twitter account

1st June 1864: The first record of electronic spam was broadly revealed. A recipient was so infuriated by the dentist's poppycock that he composed a letter to the editor of The Times about the telegram, begging the newspaper to kindly demand a stop to the nonsense.

28th May 2014: The TrueCrypt website unexpectedly announced that the development of TrueCrypt had ended and that the tool wasn't secure.

The Fall of TrueCrypt and Rise of VeraCrypt


Rant of the Week

Deadline draws near to avoid auto-joining Amazon's mesh network Sidewalk

Owners of Amazon Echo assistants and Ring doorbells have until June 8 to avoid automatically opting into Sidewalk, the internet giant's mesh network that taps into people's broadband and may prove to be a privacy nightmare.

'A stalker can abuse it to stalk people better. There are no mitigations mentioned'

Sidewalk privacy and security whitepaper by Amazon


Bill Big Balls of the Week

Antivirus that mines Ethereum sounds a bit wrong, right? Norton has started selling it

NortonLifeLock, the company that offers the consumer products Broadcom didn’t want when it bought Symantec, has started to offer Ethereum mining as a feature of its Norton 360 security suite.


Industry News

NCSC: Act Now to Protect Streaming Accounts

Interpol Seizes $83 Million Headed for Online Scammers

Meat Processing Giant JBS Pulls IT Plug After Cyber-Attack

Scripps Notifying 147K People of Data Breach

Teen Crashes Florida School District’s Network

Sextortion Lands Inmate in Federal Prison

Battle for the Galaxy: 6 Million Gamers Hit by Data Leak

Ransomware Disrupts Largest Ferry Service in Massachusetts

Mandiant to Re-Emerge After $1.2 Billion FireEye Sale


Tweet of the Week


(Edited 00:18 7the June 2020 to seed Apple Podcast update.)