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Episode 63 - The JavAndy Show

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You dear listeners paid for Thom's absence so the sole founder of Host Unknown and his sidekick stepped up to ensure the show went on.

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This weeks show is 33% off but the content is still as average as ever!

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With content liberated from the “today in infosec” twitter account

  1. 4th July 1994: John Markoff's article "Cyberspace's Most Wanted: Hacker Eludes F.B.I. Pursuit" was published by the New York Times. It was about Kevin Mitnick.

Cyberspace's Most Wanted: Hacker Eludes F.B.I. Pursuit

  1. 8th July 2008: Dan Kaminksy gave a press conference announcing a DNS vulnerability he discovered 6 months prior.  RIP, Dan.

Fix found for net security flaw



Ransomware-hit law firm gets court order asking crooks not to publish the data they stole

Criminals break into your systems, they do the usual, exfiltrate data, deploy ransomware, and leave you nasty messages about how they pwned you while blackmailing you.

However, New Square Ltd may have found a way to stop the criminals from capitalising on the data they have stolen by making it illegal for the criminals to release any of the stolen information. 



This TikTok Lawsuit Is Highlighting How AI Is Screwing Over Voice Actors

Voice actors are rallying behind Bev Standing, who is alleging that TikTok acquired and replicated her voice using AI without her knowledge.

At the center of this reckoning is voice actress Bev Standing, who is suing TikTok after alleging the company used her voice for its text-to-speech feature without compensation or consent. This is not the first case like this; voice actress Susan Bennett discovered that audio she recorded for another company was repurposed to be the voice of Siri after Apple launched the feature in 2011. She was paid for the initial recording session but not for being Siri.

Find a job with TikTok Resumes



REvil Group Demands $70 Million for 'Universal Decryptor'

Suspected Cyber-Criminal "Dr Hex" Tracked Down Via Phishing Kit

BA Settles with Data Breach Victims

Official Formula 1 App Hacked

Biden Administration Cancels $10bn JEDI Contract

Over 170 Scam Cryptomining Apps Charge for Non-Existent Services

Regulator Probes Former Health Secretary's Use of Private Email

Trump Sues Facebook, Google and Twitter

New PrintNightmare Patch Can Be Bypassed, Say Researchers



Full story - 

Delivery Drivers Are Using Grey Market Apps to Make Their Jobs Suck Less

Drivers are there virtually, using GPS-spoofing apps to position themselves right in the center of the McDonald's lot while they physically wait under nearby shelters. Using these unofficial apps, known as tuyul, drivers can set their GPS pins at the optimal location they would like orders from, without having to physically drive there.      


And with that we leave you to enjoy the weekend!