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Episode 64 - He's Baaaaaack!

Episode Summary

This week in Infosec is all about the old pre-Wireshark days, and how to not get invited to DefCon Billy Big Balls tells us where all the old Sony PS4s disappeared to The badly labeled Tweet of the week sees fury at the ICO actually doing its job for once Industry News brings us the latest and greatest news stories from the around the world, only this time from our temp news agency and Rant of the week just goes to show that there really is an expert hiding inside all of us, at least according to Facebook.

Episode Notes

This week in Infosec (10.28)

With content liberated from the “today in infosec” Twitter account

14th July 1998: Ethereal was first released publicly as version 0.2.0. Its creator, Gerald Combs, thought it was cool that Bob Metcalfe named Ethernet after luminiferous ether so he picked a name beginning with ether. Since 2006 the network protocol analyzer has been known as Wireshark.

11th July 2013: In the wake of revelations about the NSA's PRISM program, Jeff Moss (aka The Dark Tangent) asked feds not to attend DEF CON - the first time government employees were asked to stay away.


Billy Big Balls of the Week (17:39)

Thousands of PS4s seized in Ukraine in illegal cryptocurrency mining sting


Tweet of the Week (27.57)

FURY! at ICO doing their job for once.

The ICO is robustly investigating the data leak of hidden camera footage of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock breaking his own isolation and distancing rules.


Industry News (42.35)

Too many workers are still falling victim to phishing attacks

Remote workers battle against a massive range of distractions

Ransomware groups are looking for new recruits with solid negotiation skills

SolarWinds rolls out another emergency patch as new attack vector emerges

Almost half of companies do not have a proper security policy in place

Employees in the dark over the importance of new digital technologies

UK businesses are spending big on security, but drowning in false positives

Traditional ransomware defenses are failing businesses

Almost half of businesses reported to ICO since GDPR came into effect


Rant of the Week (50:40)

Facebook adds 'expert' feature to groups

Facebook is rolling out a way to designate topic "experts" inside user-run Facebook groups.

The social network says the new feature is designed to help real experts "stand out" in discussions about their field of expertise.

Group admins will have the power to give the title to nearly any member they want.


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