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Episode 65 - Its Too hot

Episode Summary

This week in Infosec brings us another Def con related story Billy Big Balls shows how attention to detail can put you behind bars Industry News brings us the latest and greatest news stories from the around the world, only this time from our temp news agency Rant of the week asks the real question we should all be asking ourselves, do the walls have ears?. Tweet of the week is a new angle on FREEDOM!

Episode Notes

This week in Infosec (08:10)

With content liberated from the “today in infosec” twitter account

16th July 2001: Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov was arrested the day after DEF CON for writing software to decrypt Adobe's e-book format. Charges against him were later dropped and the trial against his employer resulted in not guilty verdicts. 

United States v. Elcom Ltd.


15th July 2011: Microsoft Hotmail announced that it would be banning very common passwords such as "123456" and "ilovecats".

Weak Passwords Banned from Hotmail


Rant of the Week (24:29)

Majority of Britons convinced their phones and smart speakers are listening without being prompted.


Billy Big Balls of the Week (33:48)

Accuracy at any cost? Gamer leaks British military secrets to company founded in Russia to prove its tank model is wrong


Industry News (43:05)

Amnesty International and French media protection org claim massive misuse of NSO spyware

US legal eagles representing Apple, IBM, and more take 5 months to inform clients of ransomware data breach

Verified: launching plans for yet another digital identity scheme

Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

Journo who went to prison for 2 years for breaking US cyber-security law is jailed again

Spanish cops cuff Brit bloke accused of playing role in 2020 celeb Twitter hijacking

NSO Group 'will no longer be responding to inquiries' about misuse of its software

China pushes back against Exchange attack sponsorship claims

Thales launches payment card with onboard fingerprint scanner


Tweet of the Week (48:26)

Tennessee Man Died After He Was 'Swatted' by People Targeting His Twitter Handle

Police forces in brazil celebrating a thief's 18th birthday because they can't arrest anyone under 18