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Episode 78 - A Record Breaking Breaking Episode

Episode Summary

This week in Infosec reveals a hero’s origin story actually had him starting out as the bad guy On the Group Chat: makes all of us question precisely who we are employed by Billy Big Balls is an impressive display of memory usage as a data exfiltration technique. Industry News brings us the latest and greatest security news stories from around the world And Tweet of the Week is going to be an entry-level position.

Episode Notes

This Week in InfoSec (13:03)

With content liberated from the “today in infosec” Twitter account

20th October 1996: Twenty-five years ago today. Happy birthday, Ping of Death. 

Ping of Death

15th October 1985: 50 FBI agents raided more than 20 homes, seizing 25 personal computers (mostly Commodore 64s) after a group of at least 23 teenagers in San Diego County remotely broke into Chase Manhattan Bank computer systems that July and August.



On the Group Chat (20:27) 

From @maxsec friend of the show:

Cybercrime gang sets up fake company to hire security experts to aid in ransomware attacks


Billy Big Balls of the Week  (29:04)


Industry News (36:50)

US Treasury Tracks $5.2bn of Ransomware Transactions in Six Months

Twitch: No Passwords Were Taken in Data Breach

UK in Midst of $200m Crypto Fraud Epidemic

Apple iCloud Hacker Steals Nudes

LightBasin Operation Compromises 13 Global Telcos in Two Years

Microsoft, Intel and Goldman Sachs Team Up For New Supply Chain Security Initiative

Twitter Pulls Account After Argentinian Mega Breach Claims

Data Scrapers Expose 2.6 Million Instagram and TikTok Users

US to Ban Export of Hacking Tools to Authoritarian States


Tweet of the Week (46:02)