The Host Unknown Podcast

Unlucky Number Thirteen For Some

Episode Summary

Unlucky for some? Not us! We kicked off with only two presenters and it went downhill from there. Another serious privacy discussion; who signed you up for this?

Episode Notes

Unlucky for some? Yes we were, as Jav turned up anyway.

Kickstarting the economy and taking advantage of good samaritans.

Jav talks about bug bounty profit in three easy steps.

Thom receives some very, very, very bad news.

Thom talks about how our industry is becoming nicer to us normal people.

Award winning industry news from our InfoSec Stig.

Andy makes it all serious again with privacy & DuckDuckGo.

This weeks sponsors could have been Tesla and British Airways.

Jav drops the ball on The Little People. You had one job,   Jav.